• About Me

    Sanjit Bhattacharya is a real estate developer and entrepreneur from Edmond, Oklahoma. His work started in marketing before he moved into real estate in 2000. He is now the president and creator of Red Stone Resources, as well as a key figure in a number of other businesses, including STK Homes.


    Bhattacharya has built successful businesses for over 25 years. The entrepreneur attended Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma, and is a frequent speaker at industry events and conferences.

    Current Role and Responsibilities


    Bhattacharya is the president and founder of Red Stone Resources, an oil and gas firm. He is also a partner in STK Homes and Red Stone Renewables. Other businesses held by the renowned entrepreneur include STK Development, STK Construction, Affinity Investments, JDM Developments, Arzoo & Associates, Elegance in Stone, Shakti Energy, and STK Financials.


    Resources for Red Stone


    Red Stone Resources was founded in 2007 by president and founder Sanjit Bhattacharya. The corporation specializes in the purchase and sale of mineral rights. Red Stone Resources has grown considerably under Bhattacharya's professional supervision. The company is headquartered in his hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma, and has regional offices in Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

    Red Stone Resources' Bhattacharya and his staff are dedicated to excellence and ethics, while also sharing their success with their business partners. To satisfy expanding demand and provide clients with the quality they have come to expect from Bhattacharya's team, the firm continues to pursue and acquire new oil and gas assets.


    STK Residences


    STK Homes is co-owned by Bhattacharya. STK Homes was founded in Oklahoma to provide economical, high-quality house development. STK Homes, under its current ownership, provides homebuyers with high-quality, well-designed living spaces in Oklahoma's top communities and school districts. The organization is well-known for providing excellent customer service, which is something Bhattacharya is very passionate about.


    In 2022, STK Homes will have finished over 200 new properties. Entrepreneur Bhattacharya owns the affiliated building company STK Construction in addition to the development firm STK Homes. In 2004, he founded STK Construction. STK Construction is now a significant regional homebuilder based in Oklahoma City.


    Meanwhile, the entrepreneur is closely connected with an ever-growing number of other ventures. Affinity Investments, Arzoo & Associates, Elegance in Stone, JDM Developments, and Shakti Energy are among the other closely related ventures.


    Renewables by Red Stone


    Red Stone Renewables is another of Sanjit Bhattacharya's major ventures, in addition to Red Stone Resources and STK Homes. Red Stone Renewables creates thorough land situations for renewable energy projects. It does so across the lower 48 states of the United States, with over a gigatonne of utility-scale projects currently under construction.


    For over a decade, Bhattacharya and his team at Red Stone Renewables have worked closely with a diverse range of industry-leading universities across multiple energy sectors. The privately owned, family-run business, founded in 2012, stays dedicated to three basic ideals. These essential values include excellence, honesty, and collaboration.


    Red Stone Renewables is primed for enormous expansion because to Bhattacharya and his in-house team of industry professionals. This is despite the fact that the corporation is still actively developing solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects across the country. As a result, and in keeping with its beliefs, the company remains committed to sharing its ongoing success with stakeholders, local communities, landowners, and others.


    Professional Experience


    Sanjit Bhattacharya began his decades-long career in marketing. He was a partner in the Horizons Group before commencing on his efforts at Red Stone Renewables, STK Homes, and other companies. Bhattacharya joined the Horizons Group in 2000, leaving his previous marketing job behind and entering real estate for the first time. In 2004, he left the Horizons Group to start his own home-building company, STK Construction.


    Bhattacharya has since established himself as a leader in Edmond's and Oklahoma's entrepreneurial and real estate development circles. He is now well-known for his work with STK Homes, Red Stone Resources, Red Stone Renewables, and companies such as Affinity Investments and Shakti Energy.


    Academic Background


    Sanjit attended Cameron University, a public university in Lawton, Oklahoma. Its degree programs provide a strong emphasis on science, technology, and professional courses. Bhattacharya's father is a former Cameron University professor who taught a variety of finance courses.


    The university is well-known for its diversity and distinctive learning techniques. Its dedicated faculty is dedicated to success, making student education their objective at all stages of the learning process. Bhattacharya earned his bachelor's degree in business administration from Cameron University in Lawton, Oklahoma.


    Professional Capabilities


    Sanjit Bhattacharya has extensive understanding in the fields of entrepreneurship, real estate, and renewable energy. He also has almost a quarter-century of experience developing profitable enterprises and is an expert in oil and gas, construction, and financial investing. As a result, he is a frequent speaker at many conferences and events, including the Global Energy Council.


    The membership network of the Energy Council connects top executives with finance and investment experts. It works with over 100,000 members worldwide to provide access to capital and arrange transactions. The Energy Council offers a variety of networking opportunities, such as internationally acclaimed conferences, custom receptions, dinners, and digital experiences.




    Bhattacharya is a regular speaker at meetings sponsored by the likes of the global Energy Council in his capacity as the president and founder of Red Stone Resources. While also being a key player in STK Homes, Red Stone Renewables, and a variety of other businesses.


    Since 2007, Red Stone Resources and its predecessor businesses have accumulated and disposed a considerable amount of minerals and non-op interests, garnering a great track record of success in the process.


    Volunteering for Charities


    Sanjit Bhattacharya is personally connected with a number of vital charities, charitable organizations, and other worthy causes.


    Personal Passions


    In addition to his unrelenting pace of job responsibilities, and alongside his humanitarian endeavors, Sanjit is similarly passionate about several hobbies and other interests.


    Staying fit, cooking, reading, and listening to music are some of these hobbies and interests. Bhattacharya also enjoys spending time outside with his family at their home in Oklahoma City's suburbs, in the heart of the so-called Sooner State.